Today, I want to share with you information on “What To Wear To A Dinner Party”

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Anyway, that’s by the way. Let’s get into today’s business. Right ladies?

So, as a lady what do you wear to a dinner party?

Before I tell you, I need to explain what a dinner party is. A dinner party is a social occasion where guests are invited to eat dinner together.

The purpose of a dinner party is first to get people together to eat, relax and possibly gist.

Trust me, it is not always an easy thing to know the right outfit to wear. We all know the anxiety that comes with deciding what to wear, what colour of shoes and purse go with our outfit and many other stress-related stuff ladies go through. Some of my friends even tell me they have nothing to wear even when their wardrobe is excessively full of clothes and I’m like, “here we go again Kiki”. You people that don’t always have clothes to wear…God is watching you.

So ladies, a dinner party isn’t a runway. By definition it is a casual get-together. So basically, you aren’t expected to dress like you are going for a big occasion or owambe. You are expected to make a statement, of course but in a resonating and simple way. It is not the time to tie gele.

Or wear a heavy make up or a shouting accessory. Basically, you are just there to eat, gist and have fun so you are supposed to dress for that purpose.

Here are some dress ideas you can get on.

  1. A jumpsuit- Jump suits are great dinner wears that aren’t just casual but fun too. The freedom that comes with jumpsuit blends well for the purpose of a dinner party.
  2. Tank top/Teeshirt and wrap skirt- Y’all know I make beautiful tees and wrap skirts right? This combination is perfect for a dinner party. It is casual and party-ish at the same time.
  3. Gowns- Whether long or short, gowns are a perfect outfit for a dinner party. You can choose to rock a fitting gown or a free gown. But, a sleeveless gown is most often resonating that a boubou gown.
  4. Tank top/palazzo- Tops and palazzos make a great team to a dinner party. It is a fun combo that allows you to be casual and stylish at the same time.
  5. Skirt and blouse- This never goes wrong. Especially, if the dinner party is a corporate kind perhaps organized for a corporate organization, then this is perfect with a mix of business and fun.
  6. Crop top/Skirt/Pant Trousers- If your going for a family dinner party or one where you basically know almost everyone attending, this combo is great because it looks more casual than the others and creates a resonating feeling of familiarity.

So, what other things should you consider asides your dress or outfit? Things like your makeup, accessories etc.

For accessories, you can go with a shoulder or tote bag. You may as well just do a purse. If it’s a corporate dinner party, a clutch could go too.

A dinner party is not wear you are expected to wear a shouting necklace with lots of shine-shine or something. A simple necklace will do. And if you look great without it, that’s fine too.

Depending on what outfit you wear, your shoes need to complement your outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a short gown, you need to wear heels. If you are wearing a flowing gown, you can wear a flat party slip-on. The golden rule is let your shoes match your purse or clutch or shoulder bag whatever you choose to wear.

You need not to be told that your makeup needs to be as simple as possible. A dinner party is not where you wear heavy make ups.

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