How to run ads on instagram

One question I am being asked often is “How Can I advertise my business on Instagram?”

Today, I’m going to share with you step by step process of how to run successful adverts on Instagram

First, before you can advertise on Instagram, your account needs to be a business page. To do that, you go to the settings of your Instagram handle and scroll down to “Account”. Click on it, and scroll to the last two items you can see. You should be able to see “Switch To Business Account” and “Switch To Personal Account”.

Click on “Switch To Business Account”. The reason why you are picking that is because with that option activated for your account, you will be provided with business tools for your account and you will be able to run advertisements on Instagram.

For instance, you will be able to see insights of who your audience, your engaging location and posts statistics . But these tools may not be available to you if your handle is a personal account.

And with a business account you automatically get the “promote” button on strategic posts that Instagram thinks could reach a larger audience. This is the sweetest part of having a business account.

After you have switched your account to a business account, you are almost ready to run adverts.

For the first time, you need to know that you must be able to have an objective. Objective means that you must know why you are running the advert and the specific goal you want to achieve.

Basically there are three types of objective when running an advert on almost all social media. The first is Growing your brand profile. Instagram calls this followership objective. On a more deeper scale, it is known as Brand awareness.

This objective is the “View Profile” Objective. I’m sure some of us have seen this button on Instagram content before. The goal of that objective is to send you to the profile of the business. This is a way to send traffic to the page so that people will check the page and possibly follow. For instance if you click on the view profile and you land on the page, the first thing you do is check out the content. If you like what you see, you click the follow button. So, this is another lesson for you.

Always ensure that you have valuable and resonating content on your page. Don’t run ads for a page that doesn’t have contents. You just did give away to Instagram. Lol.

The second kind of objective is Engagement. What this means is that you want people to engage with that particular content you are advertising. This could be video views, likes, and comments.

This kind of advert is good if you have specific product/services you want people to really know and talk about. Musicians use this alot for their music videos.

The third kind of advert objective is conversion. What this means is that you want the audience to take a particular action tht actually helps you sell or make profit in a way. For instance if you run an ad for people to download your app, click on the link to an order page of your website or subscribe to your email list. All these kind of objectives are called conversion. Because basically you are either converting them from prospect to customers in all examples I have given.

So, whatever objective you want to choose, I advice that you know what you want to achieve first, this makes it more easier.

The second thing you need to know is that you need to identify your social audience. It is one thing to know who you are selling to offline and it is another thing to identify them online. You need to first write down who your target audience is, where they live and what they do or are interested in.

For example, if you sell wall papers, your target audience are not home owners. You can target interior designers, painters, and streamline it to your location. Especially if you don’t have multiple store. You can target people living in your business environment. This means that your advert will show only to people living in that location.

Choose a Budget- Ofcourse, you know Instagram will collect money for advertising for you. You have to decide on how much you want to spend for the advert and you need to understand that budget plays a key role in making adverts successful too. It is just like your marketing budget offline.

Another key thing to note is that you need to link your Instagram page to your Facebook page. This has been the case ever since Facebook acquired Instagram but it is a good news. The good thing is that you can advertise on Facebook and Instagram same time with same budget. But this can only happen if the pages are linked. You can do this in your settings too.

So what are the contents you can use for your ads?

You can use a photo or a video. You can also use carousel. Carousel is multiple images where you have to slide. You can advertise on your feed or Insta-stories. Just ensure that your contents are clear, description is short and very engaging and you have a clear objective.

When you are done setting up, during the budget aspect of your advert, you will be asked to input your card details too so don’t worry about how you will pay.

Truth is, the whole process is really straight forward.