How To Make Sure Your Jewellery Sparkles (1)

It’s a beautiful Thursday and I am sure your week is going great as planned right?

So, I’m in my jewellery session today and basically I just thought I should share with you some DIY tips to make your jewellery sparkle.

You know, sometimes we keep our jewelleries and no matter how hard we try to do that they change colour. First of all, please avoid the myth of using toothpaste or detergent to clean your jewellery. It may give a temporary solution but they often destroy jewelleries at the end. They rust faster. And don’t keep your jewellery near moistures. Like water, or any liquid substance like that.

So let’s get to the DIY tips I wanted to gist you about.

  • Use Bicarbonate soda: Bicarbonate soda has proven to be a dependable cleaning agent to remove odour and make things shiny clean. To do this, you put your jewelleries in a bowl, add warm water and pour two tablespoons of bicarbonate soda into the bowl.

You can use a toothbrush you no longer use to clean it properly if you think just leaving it in the mixture is not enough.

  • Use a glass cleaner- You know that cleaning solution we use to clean glasses right? put a little on a white fibre cloth or handkerchief, rub it mildly on your jewellery especially if your jewellery has stones. I bet you, it will be as clear as the sky. 

After cleaning it, do not expose it to sunlight. Clean it with a dry cloth and put it in out spread on a table in your room, after a while store and keep it.

Next time I will be talking about caring for your jewelleries, I will be talking about DIY home storage tips for your jewellery.

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