Kiki Okewale


Together we will see that you're not the labels they called you. You are Light!


  • Move from pain to purpose
    Turn you mess into message
  • Booast your confidence and self worth
  • Re-evaluate your life choices personally and professionally
  • Cultivate healthy relationship habit
  • Cultivate a healthy self care habit and hygiene
  • Reach your dreams and goals
  • Live the life you want and deserve

The first ten years of my life was beautiful, flourishing and memorable. I had a father who would stop at nothing to make me smile. My five brothers would move mountains for me, if I asked. Everything was working, my life was a fairy tale, a child couldn’t ask for more.

Then, my father died.

The cruel hands of death snatched my father, my first love, my hero, and my everything away. He was gone, like a candle in the wind. My head spun as I kept asking myself;

“Is this how people die?”

I was barely 11, but my life lost its meaning. My father’s death created a void in me. My heart didn’t feel broken or shattered, it felt as if it had been ripped, bloody and pulsating from my chest, leaving only a gaping hole to remind me of its existence. I didn’t recognize myself anymore. Even at that age, so much of my identity was enveloped by being my father’s daughter. Nothing felt the same anymore. And I kept asking myself;


These questions clawed at my throat, as I navigated the world exposed, vulnerable, empty, and swinging back and forth between reality and a dream-state. Other times, it felt as though I were in a bubble, deep beneath the sea. I could see people at a distance, but they couldn’t see me. I could hear words coming from their mouths, but they made no sense to me. All I saw was darkness as I felt my light was gone.

These continued for a long time until the day I felt a flicker of hope. The flicker became a flame, and the flame lit me up and consumed me: It dawned on me that I was disappointing my father. I felt as though he wasn’t smiling down at me, because my life lacked purpose and I was spiraling downwards. I was still deeply hurt by his death, and here I was trying to find meaning in the whole chaos. Then I asked myself, one more question;

“How do you put one foot in front of the other, when the ground beneath you is crumbling?”

The answer came almost immediately. I heard it clearly;


Move From Pain To Purpose

With the high achievers Coach Kiki

Having Kiki as your coach guarantees that you will

Turn your Mess into a Message

Turning your mess into a message can be empowering and provide you with a newfound sense of purpose and motivation.

Boost your confidence and self worth

Boosting your confidence and self-worth is a key part of becoming a better, more successful version of yourself

Cultivate healthy relationship habit

Setting boundaries is an important part of cultivating healthy relationships.

How KIKI can help you

Using her believe and burning desire to nurture and empower women, Kiki creates a safe space where women can air their challenges and together come up with practical solutions or ways to move from feeling stuck to achieving great things . She uses her education, personal life experiences and the wisdom she has gained from overcoming her own challenges to help women get out of their comfort zone, get financially stable, have a healthy self care, take bold steps towards personal and business growth.


Kiki is an Multiple award winning A-list fashion designer, serial entrepreneur, international motivational speaker, philanthropist, Board member of st.ives hospital, Executive Director at Ives Medicare and Director at Women Radio 91.7 fm and a lot more

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If you are ready to take that bold step toward greatness, then this is the coaching program for you! Take control of your life and move from pain To Personal growth, To financial freedom, To a healthy self care Variety of business opportunities, To Exposure, To real sisterhood and To confidence.

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