Hello happy people, I’m KIKI OKEWALE
... Fashion & Style Guru ...
...Certified Cleaning Consultant
Motivational Speaker
... Wife and Mother
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Know about me

About Me

About Me

Hi folks, welcome to my beautiful world.
A world of happiness, peace, hope and fulfillment
I am Kikiopefoluwa Oyegoke Wale-Okewale. Kiki Okewale for short.
I am a black and proud Nigerian woman:
A daughter; sister, wife and mother
An entrepreneur; a fashion design and style expert;
A motivational speaker, and philanthropist

I was lucky to have had some good education in Nigeria and abroad, with a
few qualifications to show for it. And my work experience has largely been in
the marketing communication industry where I garnered significant
proficiencies in marketing, branding, public relations, as well as event
management; and directly contributed to the affairs of some leading brands
such as Omo, Lux, Etisalat Nigeria, MTN Nigeria, amongst others.

However, my all-consuming passion has always been Fashion.
So at present, that is what defines me as I run two fashion outfits:
HOPE Fashion where we stock exclusive fabrics and fashion accessories, and St. Kiks Couture where we provide clothing and styling services to discerning individuals with class and sophistication.

Without being immodest, I consider myself a success.
No… not because I have all the wealth in this world; far from it
And not because I have it all together and don’t have challenges;
On the contrary, I am a success because I have joy and fulfillment in my life.
And when there is Joy in your heart, you will have HOPE in your mind.
And with hope, you conquer doubts and overcome challenges

And that makes me an-always- very-happy- soul.

And it is around this realization that I have chosen my purpose in life:
“To spread as much happiness and restore hope to as many people as I
can reach in the world”

But you can see more about my commitments to achieving these goals from
the pages: My Foundation as well as My Blog: Keeping HOPE Alive

I hope that as you get to know more about me, you will find some Stitches of HOPE and strands of Happiness to inspire you to your own abundant place of Joy and fulfillment in life.

I am happy to have you here in my beautiful world.
Thank you and bless you.

Know about me

My Profile

My Profile


Kikiopefoluwa Oyegoke Wale-Okewale


2 Osho Street, Off Opebi Link Road, Ikeja


kiki@kikiokewale.com, kikiokewale@gmail.com



Date of Birth:

July 10


B.Sc., MBA, Diploma in Education Management, Diploma in Green Cleaning.


“To spread as much Happiness and restore as much Hope to as many people as I can reach in the world”


Fashion Designer, Marketing, Public Relations, Events Management, Cleaning and Facility Management .


Business Administrator, Fashion & Style Guru, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist, Certified Cleaning Consultant.


  • CEO, House Of Plush Exclusive (H.O.P.E.) Fashion
  • CEO, St. Kiks Couture
  • CEO, Plush Cleaning Nigeria Limited
  • Executive Director at wfm91.7
  • Executive Director at St. Ives Medicare Ltd


  • Secondary education at The Federal Government College, Ikirun, Osun State
  • Diploma in Education Management at Africa’s Premier University: The University of Ibadan, Oyo State
  • B Sc. in Business Administration from The William Shakespeare College, University of Portsmouth in the U.K.
  • MBA from The Ladoke Akintola University in Osun State.
  • Diploma in Green Cleaning from the Green Clean Institute in Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • And another foreign certification in Fashion Design
Sub Title



2007 - 2008:

Kiki started out as a Volunteer on Seun Oloketuyi’s directory project, “Best of Nollywood

2008 - 2010:

She worked and learnt the art of Marketing and Branding at MarketingMix & Co, a leading PR firm in Nigeria, where she worked on such big accounts as MTN Nigeria, UNILEVER Nigeria, and some State Governments, amongst others.

2010 - 2013:

Kiki worked and learnt the art of Public Relations and Events Management at TPT Nigeria and 001 Events where she was a key member of the team that handled the Etisalat Nigeria account.

Within that period, She took a course and obtained a Diploma in Green Cleaning from The Green Clean Institute in Chicago, Illinois, USA. And on her return to Nigeria, Kiki established Plush Cleaning, a cleaning and facility management business. She was also appointed the representative for GCI in Africa.

2015 till Date

After another online course in Fashion Design from an American Institute, Kiki finally chose to follow her primary passion by establishing House Of Plush Exclusive, HOPE Fashion and St. Kiks Couture

A Success Story

The combination of her rich educational background, invaluable work exposure, and personal drive to succeed has seen Kiki turn out an astute businesswoman as HOPE Fashion and St. Kiks Couture have become unmitigated successes in the short period of two years, boasting some of the biggest names and socialites in the Nigerian glamour scene as loyal clients.

Kiki however credits her determination, love from family, love of knowledge, creativity and faith in God as instrumental to her success story. She believes anyone can be whatever he or she wants to be as long as they don’t let anything or the loss of anyone stop you. Be like a Moving train and be unstoppable. “I have had to rise above enormous challenges in life, but my determination and love from my family were priceless currencies that paved the way for me to find my gold of success and happiness”

The fashion design business is an artistic endeavor, therefore “my business success is founded on a unique proposition and sustained on relentless creativity; my use of patterns and blings to create unforgettable outfits and styles makes my designs stand out and distinctive. And it keeps my clients coming back for more and more”.

Kiki is currently an Executive Director on the boards of 91.7 women fm, Nigeria’s first and only female-centric radio station, and St. Ives Medicare Limited.

Besides business and entrepreneurship, Kiki is an amazing wife to a wonderful man, a selfless mother to her beautiful kids, a homemaker, a worshiper and lover of Christ, and a philanthropist.

She regularly inspires, encourages and motivates people on her social media pages, as well as in real life. A habit she is fast becoming renowned for. And she is currently working on her NGO to inspire and encourage young women.

My Latest Blog Posts

Keeping Hope Alive

Keeping Hope Alive
Stiches of Hope

My Foundation

My Foundation

Stitches of HOPE is a foundation aimed at Restoring Hope to the society and Sharing Happiness to as many people in the world, so that they can look beyond their present troubles and look forward to a better tomorrow.

I believe Happiness is the essence of life and when we find it, we find everything. But one thing that is stealing from people’s happiness is the absence of HOPE. Due to some whims of fate and unfortunate circumstances, the lack of trust in the promise of tomorrow is robbing them of the simplest joy of even smiling.

And it is around this realization that I have chosen my purpose in life:

“To spread as much happiness and restore hope to as many people as I can reach in the world”

“A stitch in time, it is said saves nine”.

A stitch here is a timely intervention. And to stitch is to mend, correct, or repair. Basically Stitches of HOPE hopes to provide timely and positive interventions that will mend the challenges people face and help them get a better footing towards realizing their dreams.

Stitches of HOPE Foundation is therefore focused on helping people have or retain HOPE, in order to find and retain happiness down the road, because “When there is hope, there is everything”.

The Foundation will provide help in 3 major areas:

  1. Support for those seeking careers in fashion designing through strategic scholarship and/or empowerment.
  2. Support for children in homes and hospices through provisions of skills development facilities with the aim of helping them acquire useful economic capabilities.
  3. Support for women advocacy programs and issues e.g. widows, prostitutes rehabilitation, gender discrimination and domestic abuse.

Further details on modus operandi and updates on impending activities of the Foundation will be provided subsequently on this site.

Thank you and bless you.

 HOPE Fashion  St. Kiks Couture  Plush Cleaning

My Businesses

My Businesses

Hope Fashion

House of Plush Exclusive Fashion (https://hopexclusive.com)

This is a highbrow fashion store, stocking exotic fabrics of all types, jewelries, shoes, bags, and accessories.

The fashion house caters to high-end individuals with an uncompromising taste for only the very best.

In addition, HOPE Fashion operates a fashion academy for aspiring fashion design practitioners.

St. Kiks Couture

St. Kiks Couture is a luxury-clothing brand.

This sister brand to HOPE Fashion is specialist in tailoring and styling for those who know and value originality and are bold enough to flaunt their verve and glamor.

From designs that define Style, to finishing that exalts sophistication,

St. Kiks uses exotic fabrics (see H.O.P.E. Fashion) to create glamorous fashionable outfits that enhance the elegance of our clients, and affirm their taste and class.

Take a look in our gallery to see our awesome range of drop-dead-amazing collections, as well as our enviable A-list clientele.

Plush Cleaning

Plush Cleaning is a top class cleaning consultancy as well as a facility management organization

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Really looking Good in the fabric I got from you, everyone loved it too. Keep up with your good work and beautiful attire, I will definitely come for more, God bless.

Looking good in your fabric

Thank you so much for the superb service, I was totally blown away.

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Loving my dress like kilode. You did a good job, a million compliments from people

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