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Create Your Best Year Ever

Hi friends…..

I can’t believe it’s already 2023! can you?

Are you ready to step into a bigger and brighter version of yourself? After all, you’re limitless.

Let’s talk about a powerful method for achieving your most important goals by creating a new year mood board.

Essentially, this is a vision board of the new year and how intentional you want to be about it.

Life goes by fast, and more often than not, we don’t take time to celebrate our growth. Slow down, speed racer! The kid in you needs a pat on the back, so please give yourself that experience!

Plus, if you’re don’t have a plan, you’ll miss vital lessons along the way. So, it’s time to make an honest plan for 2023 and how best to achieve.

I think of this phase as an open ceremony—a way to look forward to the new year.

How do you prepare your new year mood board? You might ask.

Grab your special journal, and to help jog your memory, go through your entries over the past year to tease out all the milestones.

If you’re not a journaler yet, technology can help you!

Use your photo gallery, social media accounts, and your fitness tracker.

You should also try to get into journaling this year, I love this experience because I love growing and looking at both my victories and my steaming piles of shit (too graphic?).

Dumping our thoughts onto paper can help reduce our stress and view our experiences objectively.

Our willingness to write down and reflect on what happens in our lives sets us up for ultimate health, happiness, and success in life and business.

New Year Reflection Questions

Now, spend some time reflecting and writing down the answers to the following questions:

  • What’s something amazing you want to discover about yourself?
  • What is the most important lesson you want to learn this year?
  • What do you want to accomplish or experience?
  • What’s one perspective shift you could make that would lead to more love in your life and in the lives of others?
  • How do i want to make this my best year yet?
  • What healthy habits do i want to cultivate this year?
  • What do i want to change about my life this year?
  • What goal(s) do i want to achieve this year?
  • How will you challenge yourself to achieve your goals in the new year?

How To Use Your Responses

Answering these questions will help clear the field for planting new seeds for another prosperous trip around the glorious sun. Try not to judge your false starts too harshly.

And if you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted to last year, remember that sometimes big goals get pushed if they seem overwhelming. Try smaller steps so you can be successful in the new year.

I highly recommend doing your end-of-year journaling and goal setting in one special notebook. Research suggests that writing down your goals in terms of your year end reflections will help you identify logical strategies or solutions and increase your chances of following through and achieving your goals..

Each year you can easily look back and track what worked and what didn’t.

Don’t be shy about including your significant other, they could be your accountability partner.

Always try to remind yourself that no matter how your year shakes out, your best isn’t behind you, it’s in front of you.

Peace and gel pens,

Kiki Okewale.

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