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Hello everyone, how are you today. Welcome to another edition of “Business chat with kiki”

Today, I will sharing 10 general content ideas that works for all kinds of business. What this means is that, whatever kind of business you are doing, it may be fashion, hospitality, catering, real estate and so on, these content ideas work for you.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are. And the reason, I came up with this is because I honestly know that creating content is not easy. Much more, today’s marketing depends heavily on content and for most of the time, content creation can take a lot of time that it affects your core business operations.

So, in today’s class, I will be sharing 10 general content ideas that you can always put out on all your business platforms and create value for your customers and audience. By next week, we will run through the next 5.

Let’s get into it guys.

  1. “How To” Videos- No matter what industry your business is, you can never go wrong with “how to” videos. These are the kind of videos that explains how to get something done for your customers. Videos are the most highly engaging kind of content everywhere on the internet. So, when you create and how to video, it helps your audience to understand how to get a problem solved and it gives them the practical guideline and that is golden. If you are a chef for instance, you can decide to do a video of how to marinate your turkey and bake it without oil. Or a real estate can say “how to repaint your house on a low budget or something.
  1. Personal Profile- Content that has to do with the personality and profile of the business owner tends to resonate well with the audience. Sometimes, it helps the customers understand the vision of the company, how and why it started. And it also tell that the brand is real and there’s a brain behind it. Content like” you as the owner of the company explaining the challenges you had trying to build, the vision you have for the company milestones the company has achieved. What all these kinds of content do is that, it helps your customers and audience connect more with you.
  1. Team showcase- From the name, I’m sure you understand what this means. You know, no man is an island and it is helpful for a brand if the customers know those that are putting in the work. You know, appreciating your team also helps them get motivated to always give the best and your customers even become emotional with your brand. Appreciate your team, take good pictures of them. Write about them and their interest, hobbies and all. It shows how you’ve come to know little things about them and why they are appreciated.
  1. Product/service showcase- You don’t need to be told this kind of content helps your business. If you don’t show people your product or services whether in picture of video format, how will they patronize you? ehn? How will they know you are selling something. Let’s move on to the next thing.
  1. Tools Showcase- Everyone uses one machine or the other in their business, especially if you are in the service based industry. Showing the machines contributing to your output won’t take anything from you. It will add to your brand perception and even make your customers rate you. I hear some people say, they don’t want their competitors to know the machines they use to get the work done. And I say “and so what?” Except you are the one who designed the machine specifically for your business, it will be known anyway. And what happens if your competitors know about it? Showing your tools will let your customers know that you are using the right tools to get the right output and especially if you buy latest tools in the market, your customers will understand the problem you have solved with the new tool or machine. For instance, as a fashion designer, you can buy a stoning machine or pattern board. You can buy a flour mixer as a chef or baker to make your baking faster.
  1. Customer appreciation- I can’t tell you how this goes a long way to improve your sales. Who doesn’t want to be appreciated? Everyone loves it when you openly appreciate them. It is the same with your customers. Ask for their permission and picture. Openly express your gratitude to them and see how they become your loyal customer. It’s simple, really.
  1. Work-mode content- I’m sure some of you have seen me doing some stoning works and even sewing right? That’s called work mode content. What this kind of content does is that it helps your customers understand how you get the job done. It also makes your work documented. For instance, videos of me draping mannequins in my store will help me showcase fabric. Sometimes, people screenshot a video of me draping and say they want the fabric on the mannequin. You can showcase your uniform.Whether you are a baker wearing an apron, or you as a owner of a mechanical engineering company wearing your overall. This helps to establish trust and enhances your reputation to say “Hey, this is me when I’m working and giving you value” Don’t be ashamed to show the behind the scenes of your works.
  1. Guest appearance content- Sometimes, we have fellow folks in the industry pay us a visit and we don’t even talk about it. That’s a kind of content too. Alot of people don’t do this because of the idea that if someone is a competitor you don’t talk about them but that’s wrong. Actress talk about meeting other actresses all the time. It should be the same in the business environment. If someone you admire in your industry, especially a senior colleague, it is only a plus for you to show the world that such person honored you. You can even invite senior colleagues formally by writing them to share business ideas and all. There’s a wisdom that comes from learning from experience people.
  1. Event- Whatever kind of event you are organizing, you need to talk about it. Even if it is strictly based on invitation. Let people know that you are putting something together and being a part of something. It shouldn’t just be about selling. Event doesn’t have to be big and expensive. It could be a charity walk where you went to an orphanage home to gift the kids some of your products or even donations. It could be business events like a product launch. You don’t have to be the one organizing. You can also collaborate with another brand too and get stuff done.

10.Review- The power of reviews can’t be underestimated. Just showing a screenshot of a customer’s feedback and improve your sales too. It’s not that hard. After delivering to your customer, a few days later, send a message and thank them for the patronage. You then ask them if they’ve used the product or what they feel about your service. Sometimes, you may get a “not so good” review but that’s a good way to know the loopholes of your deliveries and make you do better.