Oh happy day, Oh happy day…

Hello everyone and welcome to my world
And I promise you: you gonna love it here!
Because my world is a world of happiness
It’s a world of peace. It’s a world of hope
And it’s a world of fulfillment.

My name is Kiki-ope-foluwa Okewale,
I am an entrepreneur; a fashion design and style expert.
My friends like to call me the Empire Queen of Blings.
But I am much more than that:

I am a blessed child of God, the almighty father;
I am a well-bred woman and daughter of a good and loving mother;
I am a dutiful woman, and wife to a fantastic man;
I am a doting woman, and mother to some amazing children;
I am a devoted sister to some wonderful brothers;

I am a strong and a proud black Nigerian woman.
I am brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous.
I am the best friend you can have.
And I am an inspiration to my generations, and the generations to come.

But most importantly, I am a Happy Soul.
I am a Joy-agent to the world.
And that is what I am most glad about:

So again I welcome you to my world.

What I have set out to do is to share happiness to the world.
I strongly believe that “When one finds happiness, he finds everything”. After all, “Happiness is the essence of all existence”

But one thing that is stealing from people’s happiness is the absence of HOPE. The lack of trust in the promise of tomorrow

So starting now, I have made two resolutions:
One, I have chosen to share happiness;
And two, I have decided to restore hope to as many as
I can reach in the world.

And I will be achieving these objectives by starting a Foundation, and running a blog

I am starting a Foundation called Stitches of HOPE.
It is currently in the process of registration.

The Foundation will have 3 focal areas.
Number one: support through scholarships and empowerment programs for people seeking careers in the fashion design business.

Number two: support for children in homes and hospices.

And support for women advocacy programs and issues,
For example: widows’ empowerment, rehabilitation of prostitutes,
Gender discrimination and domestic abuse.

Be on the lookout for further details and updates in the coming days. Or visit my website kikiokewale.com

Image courtesy: pexel.com

Now to the reason we are here in this moment:
I am starting a blog series, starting NOW!

Keeping HOPE Alive is a reach-out platform where ideas and wisdom will be shared on key and relevant issues that will benefit you and I.

These issues will largely be inspirational and motivational.
And there will also be topics on fashion & style for those interested in the looking good and being gorgeous business.

And mostly, posts will come in the forms of articles and video clips

And finally, the blog will be an interactive platform where readers and the audience can participate in the constructive discourse and share positive life-transforming ideas.

And don’t miss out on the occasional prizes that will be on offer for constructive comments and contributions.

I am so delighted to welcome you on this amazing mission of restoration of HOPE and the discovery of HAPPINESS.

It will be a thrilling and fulfilling experience.
I promise you that.

Thank you and bless you.

2 thoughts on “WELCOME TO MY WORLD

  1. Yetunde Ojudun-Aregbesola


    Good job Ope. Keep soaring higher and higher. The sky has no limit!

  2. Kikelomo oyenuga


    Kiki, I have always known that the zeal was in you right from the days of marketing mix. Kudos girl, keep the good work going. I am certain, the sky is not even the limit

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