Really… How do you survive tough times?

Well, the simple answer is by becoming BIG POTATOES.

Yes… like seriously.

Hello once again,
Welcome to another episode of the “Keeping Hope Alive” series.
I remain yours happily, Kikiope Okewale

Everywhere you go, and everyone you meet
The talk is of how hard things are; how difficult life is;
And how tough it is to survive.

In one of Robert Schuller’s bestselling books,
He shared the story of a farmer who discovered that:
“Big potatoes rise to the top on rough roads” And like big potatoes, “Tough people rise to the top in tough times”

So you must be tough to survive and thrive during tough times.

But how can you be tougher than the tough times?
Just observe the following 5-points

The first thing is for you to be honest about the situation and your circumstances. Don’t underestimate the challenges.
Don’t exaggerate your problems.
Don’t aggravate your situation

A true and fair diagnosis of an ailment is the beginning of its cure.
And a sincere appraisal of the times and your situation will help you to effectively figure out ways forward in difficult times

You cannot be tough without being strong
So you HAVE TO BE STRONG on so many levels:
Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically

Spiritually, you need to move close to God. Be in a place of worship.
You need to be strong emotionally. Be around loved ones.
Mentally, you need to put yourself together.
Physically, take good care of your health. Eat good food.
Your strength must be steadfast so that you can defeat your fear, worry, and anxiety.

You have to be strong to overcome depression and despair.
You have to be strong to be able to rise, to strive, and to soar.

You have to master the management of resources.
You have to be smart and wise at all time.
Spend judiciously and prudently.
Learn to SAVE against all odds
Invest in tomorrow
Divest and have multiple sources of income


Survival is often a case of how well we can adapt.
Don’t wait for change; take charge, and be proactive!

Change forward and don’t be destructively stubborn.
Develop useful and functional skills and capabilities:
Learn new skills. Learn how to do new things.
Be ready. Be prepared for opportunities.

Position and re-position yourself for breakthroughs and progress.
Prepare yourself to get LUCKY.

What FAITH gives you is HOPE
And what absolute faith gets you is expectation:
Soon, it will happen…
And so shall it be.
Every problem has a life span
Keep your faith strong and be expectant.

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In conclusion, take solace in this short poem I found in some book
As you develop yourself to be strong, smart, and tough.
Best wishes.

“Every mountain has its peak
Every valley has its low
Every life has ups and downs
No one is up all the time, or down all the time
Problems do end and are resolved in time”

Thank you for watching and thank you for watching.
Stay blessed and stay happy.

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