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In the previous post, I shared with you the 5-steps on:
“How To Invest In Yourself And Reap Amazing Returns”
This time I will be showing you how to make those steps work:
Using my personally developed HInGIS formula
“HInGIS is: Holistic Investment Goals In Self.

So it’s a little personal from here on because what I’ll be sharing with you
…Is how a carefully developed self-investment program
Is helping me achieve all my set goals
In all those areas that are important to me.

This was fun for me as it was easy to identify what makes me tick.
And that one thing is HAPPINESS.

Those who know me very well often wonder why I am always so happy. Truth is, I chose happiness and I invested heavily in making it a strong and solid foundation of all my other goals in life.

Kiki Okewale of HOPE Fashion with Queen of Aso-ebi Africa

By further identifying all the elements that contribute to my happiness: These include: God, music, knowledge, appearance, family.

Having done this, I then proceeded to invest my time, money,
Efforts, and emotions, in varying degrees in securing all those things
I identified as essential to my happiness at all times.

The love of God almighty
His assurance waters my joy so I devote my time and resources to staying close to Him.

I love Joyful music.
Nothing uplifts me as high as great and joyful music

Knowledge and self-development
When you are master of your craft, You definitely feel on top of the world. That’s self-esteem boom! And knowledge is key.

God! I love to look good

Love from family and friends
There is no greater love than the unselfish and unconditional love
You get from family… trust me, you should put a great value on it.

Because of the Holistic nature of HInGIS and the comprehensive approach I took in identifying my key elements, I was able to set simple and clearly defined goals along three vital segments:

i. Health & Wellness Goals
ii. Career & Professional Goals
iii. Household & Family Goals

The idea is that as long as my investment in Happiness is productive, I will be continually inspired to achieve my set goals in those key areas, because it is the overflow of happiness that will provide the drive and motivation that will propel me to the specific goals.

So for Health & Wellness, I have specific goals such as:

Physical health goals with such aims as weight-loss programs;
I registered in the gym and I took badminton classes;
Healthy living choices; healthy lifestyles choices, among others

Spiritual wellbeing goals such as getting closer to God;
Being more involved in church; practicing evangelism;
And I hope to go for my pilgrimage.

Emotional wellbeing goals such as emotional maturity and intelligence; anger management (that I battled with)

Here, I had such specific goals as studying abroad;
Obtaining an MBA qualification;
Attending some specific training programs in areas of my interest;
Most recently undertaking a course in fashion design and style.
For you your career goals will definitely be different, but the pattern can still be followed.

Kiki Okewale & family

These are goals that revolve around my family and the home-front like
Marriage goals, my children goals, family and welfare goals
Such as education, shelter and so on.

So far, you will agree with me that it has been interesting.
And I will implore you to start practicing these steps as well now.

Don’t forget to make sure your Goals are S.M.A.R.T. i.e. Specific. Measureable. Attainable. Relevant. Timely, or Time-bound

After identifying what is important, and setting SMART Goals,
The next steps of Developing Plans, Taking Actions, and
Periodic Re-evaluations and Re-commitment
Will be mighty easier to do, believe me.
So I’m not going to dwell too much on them.

While the Goal-setting helps you have focus,
Developing corresponding plans will give you direction.
It’s like using a map: you have identified where you are going;
You then have to follow laid out directions to your destination.
For example, because my appearance is dear to me,
The physical health goal of maintaining a healthy weight was supported with a plan to register in a gym and work out twice a week.

Because career advancement is important to me, the specific goal of obtaining MBA qualification was supported with a plan to start a weekend-only part-time study, with a particular percentage of my monthly wages as an employee.

You can see how easy it is! With clear goals and actionable plans, It becomes encouraging to Take Action and Be Committed.

Really, what makes it easy is the comprehensive approach that I adopted. And you can also adapt this
“Holistic Investment Goals In Self”, HInGIS formula
To bring the much-needed commitments of your
Personal resources into your own life
The earlier you do the better because
Investment in Self pays the highest and best dividend!

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On a final note, please remember the following take-aways:

1. Investing in YOU! is the best form of investment as it pays the highest, the best, and the longest-lasting dividend!

2. Investing in yourself will never fail you because you and people around you will always reap amazing benefits.

3. Investing in yourself is not only about money; your time, efforts and emotions are resources that you can deploy to make you achieve your goals

4. Investing in yourself is not limited to direct investment in you

5. Identifying what is important to you from the beginning and what you wish to achieve will make it easier for you to set clear and SMART goals.

6. Setting clear and SMART goals will make it easier to develop relevant plans and make the most judicious use of your limited resources.

7. Acting on your plans will be easier because the goal revolves around what is important to you.

8. Investing in yourself in the areas of importance to you and commitment to them will bring unlimited returns of accomplishment, joy and fulfillment into your life.

All these and much more I prophesy into your life in the name of God.

Thank you for your time and thank you for watching.
Stay blessed and stay happy

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