It has been said that:
“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, It will improve the lives of all those around you.”

And I agree totally with that observation by Robin Sharma,

But people often ask: How does one invest in self?
How can I invest in myself when I don’t have enough money?

Yeah… excuses.

Investing in oneself is a topic that I am passionate about
And I am delighted to share some tips with you.
Especially my HInGIS formula that has worked so well for me.

At this early point, there are two things I wish to clarify:

1. “Investment in oneself is not only about money.” And…
2. “Investing in yourself is not restricted to you directly”

To invest in something is to commit time, effort, emotions,
Or any resource that is valuable to you, to a particular mission,
With the expectation of a worthwhile result or goal,
Usually in a future period

Truth is YOU have more than enough to invest in yourself, If only you knew how.
You can invest your time, emotions, assets and so on,
To develop you directly; or the development of others

So here we go…

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Remember investment is about committing resources.
And resources will always be finite. Limited.
Thus it is wise you identify what and what are important to you.
What do you care about? What’s your purpose?
It could be your calling, career, family etc.
It is around those key factors that you can then set goals
That you will devote your resources

A very important tip here is to focus on what makes you happy.

Every investment presupposes an expected result or
Return On Investment. Goal-setting is therefore so crucial:
What do you wish to achieve?

Failure to set goals is often the basis of most bad investments in self.
Could be business or career goals;
Could be marriage or family goals;
Could be travel if adventure is important to you.
Could be weight-loss if physical wellbeing is important to you.

Your goals help provide direction to, and focus on your destination.

Also be sure to make your goals SMART i.e. Specific… Measurable… Attainable… Relevant… and Time-bound

“Failure to plan is a plan for failure”,
Therefore, develop appropriate plans towards achieving the stated goals. Your plans must be congruent to your goals…

For example, a health-based goal will naturally require either
A dieting plan, or exercise plan or both.
A career advancement goal would need a study or training plan.
A spiritual goal might require a plan for pilgrimage.
These plans will entail how best to manage and deploy your resources of time, money, effort, and emotions.

Well-conceived plans will help you avoid waste and maximize returns.
Well-conceived plans will help you achieve efficiency and fulfillment.

Put your plans to action and be diligent about it.
Be passionate, and committed to the laid out steps.
Be strong and resist temptation that could derail or
Detract from your goals

Adopt and adhere to self-discipline such as time management, money management or prudency, emotional intelligence or maturity.

Part of your action steps should include measures that protect your investment in you from going to waste
For example: insurance, and some lifestyle choices…

Time and circumstances are not static:
So review and revise your goals from time to time;
Adjust your plans accordingly where necessary,
And re-commit your resources to your new goals and aspirations.
Your number one focus of investment should be YOU.
Such investment in self is never wasted.
Because a conscious and committed effort to improve self
In everyway we can, economically, spiritually, emotionally, physically or professionally, always yields dividends across multiple levels, for self and for those around you

Please be sure to join me in the very next episode, As I will be sharing with you my HInGIS formula, the Investment-In-Self Formula that has worked for me so well.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for watching.
Stay blessed and stay happy!


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