I know what it feels like to wake up feeling scared, worried and stressed just because you are uncertain what the new day will bring.

No, you are not uncertain; you know what the new day will bring: misery!

I know what it feels like to wake up feeling the weight of the world on your little shoulders. And however hard you try, you just can’t take that step that will move you out of the way as you dread that at any moment, everything could completely come crashing on your pretty helpless head.

I know what it feels like to wake up feeling terrified of the rising sun and in spite of its brightness, you wish to hide somewhere in a cave because the rays of the sun have come to remind you of your disappointing circumstances… that things are most probably not going to go your way today no matter what you do… as they never seem to do anyways.

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I know how it feels to have hopelessness creep up on you as you wake up to the same unpleasant realities of being behind on bills; being behind on your dreams; and being behind on life because however hard you try, you just can’t quite figure things out and the whole world is moving on without you.

I know how it feels to see circumstances beat you down. And you slowly lose the will to even try as you feel your strength drained. Life gradually loses all meanings and all you wish to do is to just stay down. You want to give up.

You lose sight of hope.

I know how it feels to lose the essence of living because life as you know it, is far from happy.

And I know so many go through those negative emotions every day and I know how hard it can be to just wake up, and feel inspired and full of energy when things aren’t going your way.

I know how it feels dear friend, because I’ve been there.

I have lived on that same street called misery. Ran into disappointments a lot of times and was friend with despair. I have suffered losses. I have been disappointed. I have had heartbreaks. I have felt beaten. I had felt out.

I can tell you a lot more about life on that street called misery.

But no, I wouldn’t.
I would rather inspire you out of that hostile state of mind towards a more pleasant and fulfilling mindset.
That is my mission: to reconnect people with hope and happiness because another thing I know is how it feels to wake up and feel on top of the world, because you are sure things will go your way.

That is a feeling I experienced when I moved to a brand new state of mind on another street called Joy.

And that is a much better place to be.

In fact it is the place to be for everyone because on this street are all the wonderful and positive feelings you need to survive, thrive and soar above any challenges that life might throw your way.

On this better street I found hope; ran into fulfillment all the time; and made a lifelong friend with happiness. And I always wake up feeling on top of the world because I believe that with all the positives in and around me, everything will work out for my own good. However long it takes.

And in case you are wondering how I was able to change places:

All it took was to change my state of mind from the negative to the positive. All I did was to just take the decision to live elsewhere and be in a different and more positive environment.

I chose to leave despair behind and embrace hope. I chose to leave disappointments behind and embrace accomplishments. I chose to not be miserable anymore, and to always be happy.

And if I can do it, so can you!

Things don’t always work out for me too. I also don’t have it all figured out: sometimes I am confused, unsure and a little terrified of what the day might be or where tomorrow might lead, but I do not let my worries dominate my mind or influence my thoughts.

That way, my mind is kept safe for only the positive thoughts that stay focused on my positive aspirations and therefore influences all my actions. The mind is a field and when we allow negative seeds to take root, it will only bear negative realities.

This is my little open secret because the one important and effective thing that can alter our circumstances is our dispositions. Remember, “As a man thinketh, so shall he be”

I am a happy person today not because everything is fine and rosy with me, but because I always make the conscious effort to be happy. And my happy disposition attracts all the positives that aid my aspirations and goals.

Life is about the choices we make. Nobody goes through life without difficulties and tribulations. Nobody goes through life without pain and disappointment. Life is never that easy.

There is no magic wand or miracle potion; it’s just a simple decision and a disciplined dedication to keep happiness and all that are positive in my circle.

We only live once; and life is too short to wallow in self-pity and despair. Why not get up and make the best of the precious time you have to enjoy your time on this earth.

This morning, close your eyes just for a moment and make a little promise to yourself that you are going to get up, face your fears and do the very best you can with the cards you’ve been dealt.

1. Believe that you can still be the best you, you can be. Don’t allow the difficulties of life take away your joy and hope.

2. Make a decision to switch your state of mind to all that is positive. Choose happiness; the positive you embrace in your heart will help attract other positives into your life.

3. Act! Do things that will support your dreams and take steps that will always keep you happy e.g. study, train better, work harder, make positive associations etc.

4. Stay committed to your new mindset

5. Even if you fail, act again and again because persistence pays

6. Share of your new-found fulfillment with the world

No one needs to know about your little promise to your own being, just you, yourself and you. Just walk forward with absolute certainty and face your fears, deal with your realities and go out there and do the best that you can to create the reality you desire!

It’s a long and tortuous journey but you’ve got to reclaim your power and exercise your will power upon the universe because you are stronger than your circumstances. And it all starts in your mind.

Image courtesy: pexel.com

So this beautiful day, my dearest friend:
Wake up and embrace the nurture of the rising sun
See the rainbow at the end of the clouds
Raise your voice and sing a little song of joy
Whistle out your favorite tune to the envy of the birds
Dance the jiggle to the beautiful melody in your heart.
Let the world share of your positive vibes
Inspire the universe to align your way and
Let the whole world watch you climb
To your place of Joy and accomplishment,
To your place on top of the world!

Let this be the way you feel from now on, each day that you awake!

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