“We often ask ourselves,
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?”

With those rhetoric lines from Marianne Williamson’s popular poem
“Our Deepest Fear”, I once again welcome you
To another episode of Keeping Hope Alive…

Let me ask you this:
How do you see yourself?
If you were to have a value on you, what would it be?
Yes, how much would you probably be worth?
What is your self-worth?

Well for me: I. AM. PRICELESS!
And so should you.

It doesn’t mean that I am perfect,
No… I make mistakes every now and then like every other human being;
But in spite of my shortcomings, I think I AM AWESOME!

Truth is: “The way you see yourself is the way the world will see, and treat you”

Self-esteem is one of the biggest problems undermining the individual.
When you don’t have a great value of yourself;
When you don’t have a great self-worth,
Your self-esteem will unfortunately be low!

So how can you boost your self-esteem, and become PRICELESS?

Who am I? What am I good at?
What special skills have I got? What makes me happy?
What ticks me off? What do I suck at?
What can I be in 2-years or 5-years time?

Image courtesy: pexels.com

Self-esteem is best developed and sustained when
The individual knows and understands him or herself.
According to the late great leadership mentor, Miles Munroe:
“The discovery of self is the birth of leadership”
And leadership starts with self.

Because no one can know you better or more than you
Your self-discovery will help you begin the journey
To understanding YOU, and figuring out what is best for YOU,
Given your peculiarities.

Therefore, start by conducting a self-audit of
Your innate strength and weaknesses

On a big page, list out what you think are your strengths
Against your perceived weaknesses

And BE HONEST with and to yourself.
So, don’t overvalue your strength or understate your weaknesses.

If after this internal audit, you have a clearer idea of yourself or an understanding of what you might want to do with yourself i.e. an Opportunity vs. Threat analysis, but strictly
Again: BE HONEST with, and to yourself.

Don’t even think of having self-esteem without showing yourself tons and tons of Self-love.

The global population is estimated at over 7 billion people!
And there is only one ‘YOU’,
Amongst that entire multitude of human beings

And even though you might not know your purpose yet,
Just believe that YOU are an important piece of the global puzzle.
There must be a reason why you are even here in the first place.

So why not ACCEPT who and what you are:
A precious and blessed member of the human race
Then love yourself like Ki-lo-de.
Love yourself unconditionally,
With all your faults and imperfections…
Love yourself so much that the world has no choice
To not only accept you, but to also love you for who you are.

However good and awesome you might be at present,
Truth is: You can always be better.

Therefore, improving yourself should follow naturally
Because you will want nothing but the best for something
Or someone that you love unconditionally

So don’t be complacent: Challenge yourself to be the best.
There’s a Hindu Proverb that says,
“True nobility is in being superior to your previous self”.

Image courtesy: pexels.com

So… Set GOALS and Always visualize that better you.
And do all you can to aspire to that level.

You will be amazed at how much more you will love yourself;
More and more confident, just based on the knowledge
That the awesome you is even going to become better,
Greater and more awesome you

The next key is self-confidence.
It is said that self-confidence is the starting block of all
Great successes and achievements

Just look at the self-belief of some of the biggest successes you can think of in any walk of life and you will see always, huge amounts of self-confidence. From music, to entertainment to politics to industries

Therefore, as long as you remain committed to Self-improvement, Believe in YOU! And believe in your ability to achieve.
Not once or twice… but to win and achieve always.

Embrace positive thinking. Be optimistic at all times.
Let your newfound self-esteem be watered by
A fountain of unshakable self-confidence

What do you do to a precious asset of inestimable value?
You protect it. You guard it jealously so that you don’t lose it!

The best way you can protect yourself and your self-esteem is
To value yourself and guide yourself from negative influence

This aspect has a lot to do with lifestyle choices;
And how much you desire success;
And how long you want to be on top of your game.

After winning major honors, successful athletes don’t relax;
Rather they train harder; they practice more;
They commit to higher goals.

Learn more; read more; train more; develop new skills;
Improve on old skills; be dynamic; dream more; dream bigger;
Improve your circle of people; improve your circle of influence;
Just be better in everyway you can

The more you accomplish, the more eternal your self-esteem becomes.

Therefore, be greedy for more and more success
And you will see your legacy lasting and your self esteem appreciating more and more in value.

What is the use of a diamond nobody can see?
What is the point of a much improved, and more confident you…
When nobody knows how awesome you are?

Most people that suffer from low self-esteem are people
Who feel useless, irrelevant, worthless, of no value etc.

Therefore, if you really, truly, seriously desire high self-esteem…
The one single thing you must do is to be USEFUL to the world.

But by finding one way in which you can be useful to the rest of the world, however inconsequential it may seem,
Will make you feel much better about yourself.
And voila! Your self-worth gets a huge shot in the arm.

It doesn’t have to be an outrageously monumental thing;
The smallest or simplest contribution to mankind
Is all we need to feel esteemed.
The trainer of an Olympic medal-winning boxer feels
As much on top of the world as the boxer himself

Just find something worthwhile to do
Or be a part of something laudable.
Serve humanity. Volunteer a service. Join a charity. Learn.
Make friends. Train someone. Support a Cause. Help others.

So brothers and sisters,
Please don’t be idle and don’t delay.
Kindly find your little corner in the world,
Find or build yourself a platform to shine,
Do your positive bit for you, and for the rest of mankind.
And let the rest of us see how awesome you can be.
Because you are awesome already as you are just let us see you shine.

Thank you for your time and thank you for watching.
Stay blessed and stay happy.

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